Sham stands again

Physical rehabilitation for refugees in Istanbul

Relief International and its local partner Multeciler Community Center offer physiotherapy outreach services in Istanbul for vulnerable refugees who cannot leave their home.

Sham is one of the hundreds of refugees from Syria who survived war and now need special medical care to recover and improve their quality of life. She welcomes us in her home in Istanbul where she lives with her husband. Sham benefits from the outreach activities offered by Relief International and Multeciler, thanks to the support of the US BPRM.

Sham was working as an assistant surgeon in a hospital which was attacked by air. A bomb fell while she was working in the surgery room. Sham explains:

“I was supporting the surgeon during one child’s surgery. The hospital was bombed. The child who was undergoing surgery and the physician passed away and I was injured.”

Vicky Markolefa_Relief International (11)

“Immediate first aid was provided to me. After some time, I was transferred to Turkey to get further medical assistance.”

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“All thanks, appreciation and respect to all the physiotherapists because they are doing their best to provide for the injured people. They are the ones who draw a smile on the injured people’s face and give them hope in life after Allah. I am sure that the physiotherapists are doing their best to support us until we’ve recovered. I wish all the best to them.”

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—– © Vicky Markolefa / Relief International