A step closer to school

Rainbow Center, Gaziantep

More than 3 million refugees are now in Turkey and approximately 400.000 live in the city of Gaziantep, a few kilometers from the Syrian border. Here, Relief international has been providing essential psychosocial support and medical services to vulnerable people with the support of the European Union – ECHO.

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Through the partnership with Rainbow center, RI is offering much needed educational support to the most vulnerable children in the area, helping them catch up with the curriculum. Many of these children have not been able to attend classes regularly.

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Lack of time, no access to resources, language barriers and the limited ability to do homework are some of the challenges the kids are facing.


Mr. Mahmud teaches Arabic and science in the center. He speaks to the RI team about what motivates him to continue:

“Rescuing these street children from lack of awareness, disruption and falling into illiteracy. Well, that gives me a great motivation to come here every day and encourage my friends who have the ability to contribute.”

Rainbow center, Gaziantep © Vicky Markolefa / Relief International

Find out more about Relief International’s work with refugees in Turkey here: www.ri.org/reach/middle-east/turkey


Photos: © Vicky Markolefa | Relief International