At Ridvan’s home

Outreach Activities in Ismir

Relief International recently started a promising partnership with the organization Mudem in Ismir, thanks to the support of the European Union – ECHO.

Through the support of ECHO, Relief International and Mudem organize training activities, provide medical and social support and deliver humanitarian aid to survivors, asylum seekers, migrants, and particularly vulnerable groups such as women and children. One of the most important aspects is the outreach work targeting vulnerable individuals and offering them essential support, where and when is needed.

Vicky Markolefa_Relief International (18)

“My name is Ridvan and I come from Syria. We are now in Turkey and you are welcomed in my home. 

Due to a side effect caused by medication, I cannot move my legs. The organization helps me. They gave me my wheelchair, offered me treatment and helped with interpretations and my transportation to the hospital. I am so grateful to be here, in Turkey. I don’t want to go back to Syria. We would like to stay here. We are twelve people in this home. Two are children. My children are growing up and begin to take care of the family. Because of my condition, I cannot work. I am hoping to get better. I feel so concerned with my health. I hope for a better future for all my family.”  

Vicky Markolefa_Relief International (16)

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