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Awarded Filmmaker & Photographer | 

Communications Expert

Documentary | Editorial | Travel 

Vicky Markolefa is based in Greece and works worldwide. For the past 18 years she has been working independently and with leading brands, NGOs, international organizations and media. She combines her expertise in communications with her talent in storytelling and creates strategies, content, campaigns, pictures, awarded documentaries, videos and multimedia projects.

Through her body of work she hopes to create awareness, reveal an untold story while portraying value, dignity and the opportunities behind every challenge. Vicky specializes in communications and storytelling and she thrives in fragile environments. Her projects receive international recognition and exposure. She is passionate about social issues, humanitarian and environmental conservation topics, particularly for children and women’s rights.

Vicky studied Business and Marketing and has attended courses on media, leadership, social media marketing, creative writing, filmmaking, photography, storytelling as well as trainings on women’s rights, food security, development, emergency response, medical communications, risk management and more. She speaks excellent English and Greek and she is improving her Spanish and German.

As a Communications Expert she has cooperated with several reputable organizations such as: Médecins Sans Frontières, WWF, Mercy Corps, ActionAid and Relief International. Vicky has extensive experience in media relations and she has been working with agencies, independent creators and production houses in exciting projects. Since 2016, she is a member of Mind the Bump, a team of awarded photographers and media experts.


– Highlights –



EGEO – The sea for me

Festival Award – Ierapetra International Documentary Festival 2018

Excision documentary

Best film – Mediawave Film Festival 2016.

Best Gender Equality Film – 2015 Bilbao International Film Festival.

2nd Best Documentary – DOCFEST 2014.

Best Music Award – LGFF 2014.

2nd Prize – Ierapetra International Documentary Festival 2014.

Nomination Best Film, MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival 2014.

Immersion documentary

Best documentary, LGFF 2014.



Runner-up prize

New Horizons Photo Competition 2016, COMPAS / University of Oxford.

FIAP Praise

Peace is, Photography competition 2014, World Without Wars and Violence under the auspices of UNESCO.

– Filmography –

  1. The last fisherman, 2018, Greece, Direction, Script, Production.
  2. EGEO: The sea for me, 2018, Greece, Direction, Script, Production.
  3. Education for whom?, 2014 Ghana, Kenya, Greece  Production, script, filming.
  4. Excision, Kenya, 2013 / Producer, research, still photography.
  5. Immersion, Sierra Leone, 2013 / Ass. producer, still photography.
  6. Mission in Vietnam, 2013 / Producer, research, filming, direction, script, photography.
  7. The Outcasts, Ghana, 2012 /  Producer, research, script, still photography.
  8. Mzungu, Rwanda, 2012 / Producer, research, script, photography.
  9. Wuha, Ethiopia, 2012 / Producer, research, script, photography.
  10. Bangladesh: Journey to the land of the forsaken, 2012 / Ass. producer, still photography.
  11. Kyekyewere, Ghana, 2011 / Research, script, photography.
  12. Kuluhiro: Hope, Kenya, 2010 / Research, script, still photography.
  13. Mission in Guatemala, 2009 / Research, script, still photography.
  14. Blood Diamonds, 2007, Sierra Leone / Ass. producer.

– Exhibitions –

  • The Image of the Savage –  Rome, Italy, 2017, LoosenArt Gallery.
  • Vanitas: LoosenArt Gallery, Cagliari, Italy, LAB-A, 10 – 2016.
  • Youth. esp Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016.
  • Blossom of Youth: Thessaloniki Photography Festival, 2014.
  • The Outcasts | Alleged Witches in Ghana: Athens Fringe festival, 2012.
  • Africa through the eyes of the volunteers, Athens Technopοlis, 2012.


 – behind the scenes – 


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